Capacity problems in your refrigerated van?

Koelwagen Iveco ClimaRunners

Capacity problems capacity in your refrigerated van?

Recently we have once again delivered a number of Iveco Daily’s at our client (international transport of medicines).

We have fitted the car with a specially developed insulation package, which allows the customer to place 2 pallets next to each other. Depending on the length of the vehicle, 6-8 pallets can be loaded at the same time!

In addition to this optimal utilization of the available loading space, we keep a very high load capacity comparised to other refrigerated vehicles. This car weighs 500 kg less than other refrigerated vans. We have been able to solve the weight problem by developing an insulation package that takes into account efficient loading (2 pallets side by side) as well as low weight materials so that you will not encounter problems with the authorities at the border.

Capacity problems in your refrigerator? You will be happy with our solution.

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capacity problems in your refrigerated van