Our company develops and supplies fridge vans, chiller vans (for all makes), fridge and freezer box bodies for vehicles, dual temperature controlled vehicles as well as complete refrigeration trailers. Both our refrigerated vans and our refrigerated trucks can also be delivered in freezer model. If you want a less permanent solution, we can also provide mobile fridge boxes, freezer boxes and climate boxes. All our solutions are ideal for the climatized transport of vulnerable products such as foods and medicines. Think of HACCP standards,  ATP-certification and of GDP-transport.

Our organization is accessible and will do everything possible to help you as a customer. We have only one priority and that’s you, our customer.

Through years of experience in refrigeration and climatized transport, we understand what the customer wants and we are very knowledgeable in this area. Because of this experience, we are a partner for the automotive, but also the end user is an interesting partner for us.

A good and reliable product is very important. Finally, you have to work with it day after day. But also trust in our company and in our employees is necessary. Personal contact is at our forefront. Service is a keyword within our refrigeration solutions.

Also for our GDP solutions, ClimaRunners is your partner.”

New developments within our field we test extensively and if it works, we try to make it interesting for the market. You can think of developments in insulation materials and the application of solar energy. In addition to being a very reliable company, we are very innovative. And you will experience this if you contact us. We will be pleased to assist you and try to offer you a suitable solution that is the most ideal for you, both technically and economically.

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